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I am Rich Tarr, a 32 year old web developer based in Chester, and this is my site. From front-end designs to back-end content management, I write code that is quick yet powerful, meets modern standards and works across many platforms and devices.


My interest in computing began at a young age, stemming from a desire to determine what makes things work. After building the website for a local removals company and enjoying the process, I decided to develop this new found interest in coding.

I have since gone on to create websites for a number of local businesses, increasing my knowledge base, researching new techniques and expanding my skill set by learning new coding languages.

Aside from computing I have a great passion for music and love discovering new bands or playing my own songs. I have been a keen rock climber for the past couple of years and still make it to the wall at least once a week.


Building websites is my passion - I am 'fluent' in languages such as HTML5 and CSS3 to create fast, responsive sites, and have good experience with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL to create dynamic, feature-full sites.


HTML - the building blocks of websites. I have excellent knowledge of the current version, HTML5, and use it in all my projects to create truly modern sites.


CSS is perhaps the most powerful tool in my kit. Responsive sites and complex layouts can be achieved using CSS3, and with the rise of SASS it has become quicker and easier to write effective stylesheets.


I frequently use Javascript to add a dynamic edge to websites, and will also use the jQuery framework where necessary to allow for more semantic code and greater cross-browser compatibility.


Using PHP I can create basic content management for the owners of the sites I build, and add even more functionality to my sites such as sending messages from forms or dynamically generating content.


With MySQL and PHP, I can add guestbooks and simple blogs to websites, and create catalogues of products for online stores.


Wordpress is very useful for larger sites or more complex blogs, and allows site owners to easily manage their content. I often use my own custom theme to build the site, and sometimes create child themes from existing templates.


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